The 28th Pan Pacific Congress (2016) in Kyoto, Japan

Oct 24, 2016

Last September 26-29,  led by its Vice President and General Manager, Liberty Santiago-Año,Cuervo Appraisers Inc. attended the 28th Pan Pacific Congress of Real Estate Appraisers, Valuers and Counselors held at the Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan. A total of 750 delegates attended the congress and 180 of these flew in from around the world.  Among the international delegates was former Cuervo Far East staff member, Marissa Benitez, who is now Associate Director at Colliers International Philippines.

The first day of the congress consisted of a pre-registration and a welcome reception. The congress itself started the following day with an opening ceremony, featuring the keynote speech by the distinguished Japanese, Mr. Tadao Ando, entitled “Discover New Possibility of the Land”. The second day of the congress consisted of Panel Discussions on themes, such as “The role of appraisers in rapidly changing global financial market” and “Valuation related to IFRS and IVS”. During the convention, Ms. Ano met with the President, Shigeki Yasugi and General Manager Miho Asano of Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal, Cuervo Appraiser’s partner in Japan.

On the third day, the delegates were able to select from two sets of workshops which were conducted simultaneously. There was a wide array of topics discussed, such as “The Changing Dynamics of Valuation Training to Meet the Needs of the Global Business Environment” by Lim Lan Yuan (Singapore), “Latest Trends Of The Hotel Investment Market in Japan” by Ei Endo (Japan),”Semi-mass Valuation Strategy For Land Acquisition of Public Infrastructure Development in Indonesia” by Ni Luh Asti Widyahari (Indonesia), and “Land Appraisal Without Market Data” by Sumi Ku (Korea)  and “Valuation Training for Philippine Valuers” by  Marissa Benitez. The final day of the congress was concluded with a tour of Kyoto with the delegates able to visit cultural heritage sites of Kyoto, including the Temples of the Golden and Silver Pavilions in Kinkaku-ji.

While in Japan, Ms. Ano also visited the Kyoto office of Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal. Earlier this year Hiroyuki Hatae and Takanori Nagayo of Daiwa visited Cuervo’s head office in Manila to sign a partnership agreement and this month Daiwa will be sending, Ms. Rao Fu to our Manila office for a knowledge transfer.

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