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Public/Private Appraisal

Real Estate


Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Subdivision, Institutional, Recreational, Mineral


PAL Privatization


Other Land Improvements

Roads, Water Supply, Drainage System, Canals, Railways, Bridges, Dam, Landscaping, Retaining Wall


Machinery & Equipment

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional
Plant machinery and Equipment – (Lights, Medium and Heavy Industries)
Transportation Equipment – (Land, Sea, and Air Transportation.)
Furniture and Office Equipment
Asset Tag System Advisory, Validation & Reconciliation


Rights & Leases

Mineral Rights, Easement Rights, Leasehold Estate, Leased Fee Estate

Personal Property

Tangible Assets

Plant, Machinery Equipment including Aircraft and Floating Vessels, Furnishing, Appliances


Agricultural Buildings (Barn, Farm House, Pigpen)
Commercial Buildings (Bank, Franchise Outlet, Gasoline Station, Office Building, Shopping Mall, Warehouse, Office Building)
Residential Buildings (Apartment, Condominium, Dormitory, House)
Educational Buildings (School, Museum, Theater)
Government Buildings (Capitol, City Hall, Embassy, Police Station) Industrial Buildings (Brewery, Factory, PowerPlant) Military Buildings (Barracks, Banker, Fort) Parking and Storage (Garage, Hangar, Boat House) Religious Buildings (Church Mosque, Monastery) Transit Station (Aircraft Terminal, Bus Station, Ferry Ship)
Medical Buildings (Hospital, Medical and Dental Building)


Verification of Property Accounts

  • The verification of property accounts; and
  • such as:
    • Asset Management; Condition Surveys; Capital Cost Control; Electronic Data Processing Property Records and Special Analysis for remaining life, Capital Facilities Replacement, Pre-merger or Pre-acquisition

Asset Management & Special Analysis

    • Market Studies
    • Highest and Best Use
    • Project Feasibility Studies
    • Socio-Economic Studies
    • Technical Due Diligence
    • Asset Inventory Labeling and Reconciliation
    • Geodetic and Relocation Survey; and
    • Project Financial Audits

Enterprise Valuation

Total Business & Tangible Assets

  • Total Businesses
  • All Capital Stock and Controlling Interest
  • Intangible Assets
    Patent and patent applications; License, agreements, and other contracts; Trademarks and/or secret formulas or processes; Copyrights, mailing lists; franchises; Mineral rights, water rights, air rights; product development; assembled organizational goodwill; and Other non-identifiable, non-amortizable, intangible assets and minority interest.

Commercial Services

Corporate Assets Appraisal

  • Collateral Sufficiency for Secured Financing
  • Insurable Values
  • Ad valorem or Estate Taxes
  • Acquisition and Investments
  • Sale/Leaseback Transactions
  • Valuing Capital Stock of closely-held Companies
  • Valuation Expert Legal Witness
  • Other corporate requirements pertaining to proper value, control and economics