Melchor C. Guerrero

Melchor C. Guerrero


Mr. Guerrero has been involved as the lead underwriter for listings on the Philippine Stock Exchange and on the NSX Australia, achieving market capitalization for Agrinurture (P4.5B); Calapan Ventures (P400M); Calata Corporation (P2B); Cirtek Holdings Inc. (P2B); East West Bank (P22.730B); IP Converge (P444M).

He has also served as Vice President and Head of Capital Markets Development Division and member of the Management Committee of the Philippine Stock Exchange and has been involved in the approval of listing companies on the PSE, including Aboitiz Power (P 360 B); Anchor Land (P14B); Citiesonline (P9.6B); Energy Development Company(P 111B); GMA (P 41.1B); I Remit (P1.4B); Metro Pacific Investments (P103B); National Reinsurance (P 4.2B); Oriental Resources (P 6.5B); Pacific Online (P4.1B); Pepsi Cola Products Philippines (P 14.1B); Phoenix Petroleum (P6B); Splash (P1.1B); Vista Land & Landscapes (P37.5B); IMI (P5.7B). The company also handled private equity transactions for Daniel Mercado Medical Center (US$4M) and HBC (US$7M).

From October 2010 to May 2012 Mel was Managing Director-Business Development for for a local underwriter which successfully listed IP Converge, raising P192 million and producing a market capitalization of P800M. As Managing Director of an investment house, he acted as financial adviser and underwriter for a number of companies which produced significant market capitalizations, e.g. Calapan Ventures (P732 M), Calata Corporation (P4B), Cirtek (P8 B), East West Bank (P 26.3 B), Nozomi and Valuequest. Mel was also financial adviser in the restructuring of several corporations and was involved in mergers and acquisitions in the value of P1.7B

In addition to being a leading financial markets innovator, Delta Hedge Holdings has served as an Adviser to several companies and has arranged collateralized and stock loans using foreign funds. It is a partner of TCR, a New York City investment bank, in the listing of Reverse Delivery Receipts of NYSE companies, on the PSE. It has also partnered with New York Investment banks J. Streicher, and Kuhns Brothers.

His MBA is from J.L. Kellogg, MS Engineering Management from McCormick both in Northwestern University, and his BA is in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley.”