Ma. Teresa C. Fernandez-Cuervo

Ma. Teresa C. Fernandez-Cuervo

Treasurer and Director

Ms. Ma. Teresa C. Fernandez-Cuervo earned her HRM (Hotel Restaurant Management) degree at CEICID (Centro de Estudios e Investigacion de Ciencias Domesticas) in Madrid, Spain.

After finishing in Spain, Ms. Cuervo returned to the Philippines to devote her time to the family business and the management of Centers of Opus Dei.

Ms. Cuervo worked for Philippine Foundation for CED Inc. in the management of the Makiling Conference Center Management from 1973 to 1991. This stint was followed with assuming the Building Comptroller responsibilities for Tanglaw University Center, the management of Punlaan School and being a Hospice Care Trainor and Coordinator.

Since 2006, Ms. Cuervo assumed the Presidency of R. F. Cuervo, Inc., a position she holds up to the present. RFCI is the realty firm established by the late Ramon Fernandez-Cuervo, Jr., one of the founders of Cuervo Appraisers, Inc.

As the President of R. F. Cuervo, Inc., Ms. Cuervo represents the interest of RFCI in the Board of Cuervo Appraisers, Inc. as one of the latter’s Directors.